Island Life

It’s not just a place – it’s a state of mind.

Our team at FOE was thrilled to join our friends at Vancouver Island Brewing on their new adventure into Hard Sparkling Water. We crafted everything from their brand name, logo design, and animations for their custom WordPress website. We love this brand because it embodies what Vancouver Island is and how it makes you feel. Island Life is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle.   

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Lightweight and full of life.

We wanted the product to stand out on the shelves so we split the canvas in half and utilized a new illustrative style that is unique to Island Life. Bright hues capture the flavour of each can and the illustrations themselves help to visually identify the key ingredients and give a glimpse into that island lifestyle. We used this same style throughout all facets of design and marketing and carried it over into their website. We kept the site simple, with a lightweight single page, loaded with custom animations to support the brand online. Since the launch of the new Island Life website we have seen online recognition from many websites, such as Design Rush for best website design.