Your Creative Partners.
Artists, designers, coders & explorers.

Jessica Going
Project Manager

Originally from Ottawa, ON, Jessica relocated to Victoria in 2012, with a decade of business marketing, event planning and project management experience in craft liquor(beer and cider), radio broadcasting, consulting and hospitality and tourism industries. She believes that client communications are all about building relationships and collaborating to guarantee the success of every project.

Jordan Mah
Lead Graphic Designer

Jordan is a graphic designer born and raised in Victoria. He lives and breathes everything branding. Creating a visual brand identity is his true passion and he loves every part of the design process. It’s in the small details that make a brand impactful and successful, and he makes sure that no detail is left untouched. His experience as a creative lead in design studios and his own freelancing has allowed him to work on diverse and exciting projects over the last 5 years as a designer. He has worked in many facets of the design industry, including print and web design, advertisement design, social media design, content curation, marketing design, national campaign designs, and packaging. When he is not staring at the computer, Jordan likes to spin, walk or longboard to Dallas Beach, and explore and adventure with his partner.

Zach Janzen
Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Zach grew up in Nelson BC and has always been an artist at heart. Throughout his illustrative ventures, he found a passion for design. Zach has learned to harness many different forms of media, including conceptual art, film, animation, and music to fulfill his artistic vision. He loves having beers at the beach, travelling, and playing video games. Zach is always looking for something new and is constantly adding new tools and styles to his illustration arsenal. 

Ivan Lo
Graphic Designer

Ivan is from Vancouver and came to Victoria in 2020. He has a Fine Arts background and later pursued Graphic Design. In recent years, Ivan worked in automotive marketing and had the opportunity to work on projects in a variety of media. In his spare time, Ivan enjoys cooking, trail walking and car detailing.

Daelen Berg
Lead Web Developer

Daelen calls Nanaimo (the Hub-City) home. While completing the Digital Media Studies program at Vancouver Island University he found his passion for web development. A passion that has only grown since. The convergence between logical structures and artistic expression is what inspires him to keep learning and pushing throughout his career. From planning creative solutions to client problems to building fluid/dynamic websites Daelen knows the devil is always in the details and he is there to get them right. Outside of web development, Daelen enjoys woodworking and building furniture, playing soccer every week and taking his pup Juno on hikes.

Michael Braatz
Web Developer

Mike is a developer with a passion for clean, intuitive websites empowered by modern Javascript animation and effects. He started building websites as a hobby in the 90’s on the Geocities platform and continued to design and develop websites for friends, family and small businesses for many years. In 2012, he graduated from Victoria’s own Q College and turned a life-long hobby into an exciting new career. Today, Mike continues to learn new techniques and languages while helping the FOE crew to create fast, flexible, and reliable websites for its clients and their businesses. Outside of the office, Mike is a rock climber, motorcyclist, skier and snowboarder with a fascination for building anything from custom motorcycles, to – hopefully one day – his own home. 

Taylor Leigh
Studio Director/Owner

Hailing from the far north of Vancouver Island (Campbell River), this creative is fuelled by pints of Pilsner, thick cups of coffee, clean-evoking design, family moments and anything in the water. Taylor is always pushing the design limits, at times two steps too far, earning him the nick name “Two Step Taylor”.

Sarah Leigh
Studio Manager/Bookkeeper

Sarah grew up in the Fraser Valley and relocated to Campbell River in high-school, where she spent most of her time snowboarding up at Mount Washington. After high-school she moved to Calgary where she earned a Bachelor of Management degree and began her career in Human Resources. Sarah has worked in Engineering, Forestry, IT and most recently in Health Care and brings her experience and knowledge to our business and it’s operation. These days Sarah dedicates her time to ensuring our office is in working order, spending time outdoors, and teaching her two little girls about the joys of winter sports.  

Ian Morrow
Jr. Project Manager

Ian is originally from Ottawa ON. After attending the University Ottawa (B.A.) Ian and his now wife traveled overseas for several months. When they returned Ian had brought home a new passion for the culinary arts. Looking for new adventures, Ian and his wife relocated to Victoria in 2014 with hopes of growing his career in hospitality. He landed a career at one of Victoria’s major hotels and quickly worked his way up to an executive level, eventually transitioning into operations. After several years of managing large teams and multiple departments, he decided to go back to school and begin a new journey to become an accredited Project Manager. Looking to further develop his portfolio, he decided to switch industries and join the team at FOE Creative as a Junior Project Manager.